At Results Personal Training Studio you get the perfect blend of a challenging workout, and the chance to workout with Krissy who is as knowledgeable as a trainer can be. It's a gym dedicated to a personal fitness program, and intended to challenge you physically. The best side effect is how each workout makes you feel mentally . . . very empowering.

Karen G.

Judy and I look forward to our two workout sessions each week.  With a professional trainer like Krissy, we're feeling stronger, younger and better balanced.

Don and Judy O.

Krissy is attentive to each client's individual needs by providing a tailored challenging workout while ensuring an injury free experience.

Tom A.

I have been training at Results for several years now, and I have enjoyed every moment of it - and most importantly - I have seen significant improvement in my overall strength and conditioning. I have never felt healthier in my life! It is motivating to get one-on-one attention and direction, and the trainers are always introducing new exercises and techniques so it never gets boring. I highly recommend Results Personal Training Studio to anyone looking to improve their physical health.

Larry G.

I have been training with Krissy for several years now.  As an older woman I was finding that I was losing muscle strength at (to me) a surprising rate; but as I found out, it is a natural part of aging.  I have never been able to stick to a workout routine for any length of time, but my weekly workouts with Krissy are fun, challenging and rewarding.  The time just flies by and I find that I am doing things that I know I would not do on my own.  Krissy’s knowledge of the body and her respect for where I am makes me feel safe and validated.  She is the queen of non-judgment.  I have quickly rebuilt muscle strength and feel better in both body and mind. I can’t imagine Tuesday mornings without her!

Sandra Rogers

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