• Krissy Greenhouse

Feel Incredible this Summer with these 5 Essential Tips

What better way to enjoy summer than to improve your overall health? Start feeling and looking your best with these 5 sure shot tips.

1. Set a fitness goal, but not based on weight - Try setting goals beyond weight-loss and instead focus on how your body feels, and what you can do during each workout. For example, if you like to run, set a goal to run a little further this summer. If you normally work out twice a week, set a goal to work out three times a week instead.

2. Eat healthy - Our world today is a world of stress, and emotional eating is becoming an increasing issue. If you want to take control of your eating, try a food log app! This can help track calories and nutrients you’re putting into your body. There are many calorie tracker apps on the market that can give you access to a huge database of foods and their caloric values, which can save time and help with meal planning.

3. Don’t skip strength training - There’s a misconception that in order to lose weight, one must eat very little and do a ton of cardio. While it’s important to do cardio, a combination of cardio and strength training will have the most impact on weight. Strength training allows our bodies to build more muscle, which increases our metabolism. This makes us burn more calories even while sitting, and who doesn’t want that?

4. Switch out your workout routine - You don’t have to do the same workouts every time. It’ll get boring, and you’ll see less results as your body adapts to the same exercises. Instead try something new! There are so many types of exercises: biking, swimming, surfing, TRX, hiking, running, Zumba, yoga.

5. Invest in a personal trainer - Working with a personal trainer means you’ll have an exercise expert who’s dedicated to helping you achieve your specific goals. Not only will a trainer help you be accountable and stay motivated, they also make workouts varied and fun. They'll also give you advice for balanced diet based on your body type and goals!

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