• Krissy Greenhouse

Ginger-Citrus Chicken Stir Fry with Sriracha

Yield: 3-4 servings


1 cup whole grain brown rice


2 chicken breasts, diced

1 package broccoli florets (I like them steamed first before adding them to this recipe- so its a good use for leftover cooked broccoli)

2 zucchini, diced

bunch green onions, diced

1 large carrot, finely diced

2 tsp coconut oil or sunflower oil

2 tbsp 100% orange juice

1 tbsp reduced sodium soy sauce

1 tbsp rice vinegar

1 tbsp sriracha

1 tsp honey

2 tbsp ground ginger

½ tsp red pepper flakes (optional)

Garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper to taste


Make chicken marinade: combine orange juice, soy sauce, vinegar, honey, 1 tbsp ginger, 1 tbsp garlic powder, and ½ tbsp sriracha in mixing bowl.


Place (raw) diced chicken in a ziploc bag, pour in marinade, and shake to coat. Allow chicken to marinade for at least 1 hour (the longer, the more flavor, so marinading overnight is best)

Cook rice according to package directions.


In a skillet or wok, heat 1 tsp coconut oil until melted.

Add diced chicken and cook until cooked through. Remove from skillet and cover with foil to keep warm.


Add another tsp of coconut oil to the pan or wok. Sautee vegetables until tender, seasoning with garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, ginger, and red pepper flakes.


Drizzle with about ½ tbsp sriracha for an added kick


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