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Keep Your Workout Working For You

You’ve begun a new workout and at first are stoked, motivated and when you start seeing those results, it is pure elation! But then you start noticing that something has changed……

The workout is suddenly easy.

You’re bored. <this one alone can really sabotage your workouts!>

You’re not as hungry. <not working hard enough to burn more calories>

You’re Heart Rate is low. <must keep your heart rate elevated for optimal caloric burn and cardiovascular health.>

You’re not sore. <You should feel some soreness if effectively lifting.>

You aren’t seeing changes. <You should see the progress of a workout in 4-6 weeks if doing it consistently — and being mindful of your food intake.>

So let me provide you with a few ideas to mix up that stale routine and get you motivated and back on track toward your personal goals!

1. Increase intensity.

Intensity builds muscle. Ways you can increase the intensity of your workout are decreasing rest times or doing circuits. When you’ve been doing the same routine for a while you may think you’re training hard but your intensity level has been dropping. I’ve been there!

2. Switch up your exercises.

Do not do the same exercises every week. I mean, how boring is that??

Don’t cut out exercises you “don’t like”. Switch it up regularly.

3. Drop sets.

I absolutely LOVE these.

Drop sets are simple. Do a set of bicep curls until you can’t perform another rep, go down in weight, do another set, drop the weight…and so on. You can do anywhere from 3-6 sets in total. Feel the burn, baby!

4. Switch the days you work each muscle.

Changing the order of your workout days can have a big impact on results. Always make sure you give each muscle group enough rest. For example, you shouldn’t do biceps Monday then back Tuesday – you need your biceps as a secondary muscle in all your back (pulling) exercises.

5. Pyramid sets.

Pyramid sets start from a low weight and work up to a heavy weight and/or then back down to low weight. For example pick a weight you can perform 15 bicep curls. Without resting, pick a heavier weight and do 10 reps and then immediately increase weight again for 8 reps. Take a minute break then reverse the order, etc.

This is a great one!!

You find yourself at the gym or in your workout space at home with no motivation to pick up that dumbbell. You’re not seeing results anymore, so why bother? You’re not wanting to do your normal routine of 20 reps of—bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, squats……..

If you are frustrated with lack of results, really take a good look at what you are currently doing in your strength training routine. Chances are you are experiencing a plateau, and some simple tweaks and changes in your workouts could make a huge difference!!

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